Submission Guidelines

Interested in submitting to EuroWarGames? We invite players, designers, professionals, and scholars alike to submit articles covering questions mentioned in our Call for Articles, even if partly, and especially when covering topics we haven’t thought about!

We have not yet decided, how the book will be published. We are in contact with publishers, and it is most likely that the book will be published digital as an e-book, maybe even open access, and/or with print-on-demand as an option.


  • Abstract submission 31th October 2020 Extended to 14th November 2020!
  • Decision feedback 15th November 2020
  • Submission of full article 15th February 2021 Extended to 22nd March 2021!
  • Publishing May 2021 late autumn/early winter 2021

Author Guidelines

  • Articles submitted to EuroWarGames should be original contributions, if not, please let us know.
  • All texts are reviewed by our editors. We might extend the board based on the number of submissions.
  • Abstracts should have no more than 2.000 characters.
  • Articles should have up to 60.000 characters (including blanks and footnotes).
  • Articles should be written in English.
  • Articles have to include an abstract of 150 to 300 words.
  • Articles have to be submitted with a short CV of the author (approx. 150 words).
  • Submissions are only accepted by email in .docs, .odt, or .rtf format.


  • Use footnotes instead of endnotes.
  • You may use italics for highlighting purposes.
  • Pages are indicated by hyphens, i.e.: “24-25”.
  • Do not use abbreviations as f. or ff. Do not shorten page numbers. Write “24-25” instead of “24-5”.
  • If the cited work is not published in English, please provide a translation in square brackets right after the original title.


One author

Surname, Forename: Title. Subtitle, Place of Publication Year, p. Page(s).

Two or more authors

Surname, Forename / Surname, Forename: Title. Subtitle, Place of Publication Year, p. Page(s).

Edited books

Surname, Forename  / Surname, Forename (eds.): Title. Subtitle, Place of Publication Year.

Books with two or more editions

Surname, Forename : Title. Subtitle, Place of Publication Year of the edition used (Year of the first edition).

Book Chapter

Surname, Forename : Title of the Chapter. Subtitle of the Chapter, in: Forename Surname of the Editor (ed.), Title of the Book, Place of Publication Year, Page(s), here Page(s) referred to.

If reference is not to the complete book chapter but only to one or more pages, give the page number(s) referred to.


Surname, Forename: Title. Subtitle, Name of the Journal, Volume, Number (Year of publication), Page(s), here Pages(s) referred to.

Additional information (e.g. unpublished thesis or manuscript)

Any additional information is to be included in parenthesis at the end of the bibliographical informations and before the page reference.

Web references

If citing an online source, include the complete URL and the date of consultation in square brackets. If the text is also available in print, reference should be the print version.

Archival sources

First, the name of the document, e.g.: Letter of a person to another person at this date. Then, references to a special part of the document can be added, e.g. “sheet 3“, followed by the name of the archive and – if possible – the division and subdivision of the archive where the document can be found.

Reference to an already listed article, book, or source

Surname: Keyword of the Title of the Article, Page(s). Or respective abbreviation corresponding to first citation in an unequivocal way.