Call for Articles


The history, state and future of professional and public (war)gaming in Europe

Editors: Riccardo Masini, Frédéric Serval, Jan Heinemann

The perception of wargaming as a professional part of military training and scenario analysis on one hand, and the board and tabletop wargaming hobby on the other hand, are dominated by US-American approaches and communities of players and designers. Despite being crammed in a relatively small part of the world, European wargaming spheres and communities seem to have stayed somewhat isolated on a national basis due to language barriers and other reasons and little is known about the state of the profession and hobby from country to country.

This volume aims for closing this gap and provide a comprehensive overview of the history of the multiple dimensions of wargaming all over Europe. Thus, we want to encourage contribution of articles focussed on the history of wargaming (military conflict simulations, as well as hobby board, miniature tabletop and role playing games), the perception of wargaming as part of the national, trans-, and international gaming culture(s), the relations of wargaming and eurogaming in regard to perception, gaming communities, inter-European exchange, as well as to the history and future of approaches to wargame design.

The Call for Articles is open for professionals, scholars, designers and players.

Possible topics therefore are: 

  • The history, state and future of professional and amateur/hobby board wargaming, miniature gaming, and role playing games (in Europe)
  • The relationship between simulation games, eurogames, German-style games and abstract games
  • The perception of wargaming as profession and/or hobby in public discourse
  • The value of simulation games as tools in educational environments
  • Wargames as research tool for military, history, conflict archaeology, sociology etc
  • Wargames as popular media and their impact on the imagination of history, wars, gender, conflicts and violence, wargames as commemorative culture
  • Concepts and approaches to wargame design, the relations of wargames, eurogames, and miniature games in regard to gaming communities and game design concepts
  • Gender and minorities in wargaming
  • Civilians in wargames
  • Regional and/or national, trans-, or international perspectives for European countries (including those no longer existing)

We invite articles submissions that respond to the above issues and questions.



  • Abstract submission 31th October 2020 Extended to 14th November 2020!
  • Decision feedback 15th November 2020
  • Submission of full article 15th February 2021 Extended to 22nd March 2021!
  • Publishing May 2021 late autumn/early winter 2021


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