Riccardo Masini

Lives in Rome and plays wargames since he was 8. Regular contributor to gaming websites (Gioconomicon) and magazines (ioGioco), he is also the owner of a YouTube channel (WLOG) and podcast (Checkpoint Charlie) about wargames, boardgames in general and historical topics.

Active member of the Italian Military History Society (Società Italiana di Storia Militare, SISM), he wrote and contributed to several publications about wargames and history, like Le Guerre di Carta 2.0 (Paper Wars 2.0, a general introduction to wargaming), Mettere in Gioco il Passato (Putting the Past into Play, wargaming as a form of diffused public history), Le Battaglie che Cambiarono il Mondo (The Battles that Changed the World,  appendix on the relationship between wargaming and counterfactual historical research methods) and the upcoming Il Gioco di Arianna (Ariadne’s Game, an analysis of non-linear military, political and economic simulation games). He is also the organizer and curator of the La Storia in Movimento (History in Motion) public event, bringing together game designers, historians, journalists and protagonists of the wargaming world, in Italy and abroad.

Jan Heinemann

Lives in Hannover and is still relatively new to dedicated wargaming. Missing tablespace limits his desire to delve deeper into it and acquire all those interesting games. Runs a YouTube-channel (Let’s Play History) and podcast (Let’s Talk Historygames) on history in (digital) games.

He is a member of the German Society for Historical Science and Digital Games (Arbeitskreis Geschichtswissenschaft und digitale Spiele) and the German Military History Society (Arbeitskreis Militärgeschichte e.V.), working on authenticity, the political implications of historicizing games and the commemorative impact of representations of the past in (digital) games. Co-editor of the books Zeit-Raum-Identität (Time-Space-Identity, dimensions of identification in history and society) and Deutsche Kontinuitäten…?! (German Continuities…?!, Nazi personell, networks and laws continuing to exist in Germany after ’45), writer of several articles and blogs on various topics.

Frédéric Serval

Lives in Vejle, Denmark, former Warhammer player, entered the wargaming hobby after being mind-blown by Twilight Struggle. Not tied to a genre, he explores CONSIM games of any shape or form: CDGs, Area Impulse, Hex And Counters, COIN etc. but NO MINIs.

Director of a statistics department by day, he is a wargame designer by night (Red Flag Over Paris for GMT to be released in 2021 and other secret projects to be announced) and runs a Youtube Channel about History and Wargames (Homo Ludens). He also contributes to Battles Magazine since 2019, an independent wargame Magazine that won the CSR Best Professional Magazine Award three years in a row from 2009 to 2011.