EuroWarGames: Submission deadline extended! Become part of the project!

Dear readers!

Over the last weeks and days we have received a number of very interesting and insightfull abstracts illuminating various aspects of the broad field we want to cover with EuroWarGames.

We have had two very inspiring and fun chats with Dan Pancaldi on his No Enemies Here YouTube channel, talking (a little bit) about our project, about our approaches to wargames and boardgames, and other things.

Please note: We have decided to extend the submission deadline for another two weeks!

On the other hand, we have heard from several potential contributors, that they would like to be part of the project, but cannot manage to submit an abstract in time. Living in crazy times, and wanting to include as many approaches as possible, we have thus decided to push the submission deadline from October 31 to November 14.

There is still time for you to write and submit your abstract. If you are interested in submitting an abstract, please read our Call for Articles and our Submission Guidelines (regarding the final article).

And please remember, this is not a purely academic project. We invite players, designers, publishers, scholars, professionals likewise to participate and share their views on wargames, boardgames, eurogames, role playing games, miniature gaming, history and games, gaming communities, conflict simulation, the entanglement of those various branches and more.

And to be clear: You don’t have to be from Europe in order to participate!

We are still aiming for giving feedback to contributors around November 15, and to have a final decision on the sort of publication/the publisher for our project.

We hope you join us in our project and are looking forward to see where this awesome projects leads us, which connections it will incite, and which interesting perspectives and insights it will make visible.

We wish you all the best, take care and stay healthy!

Fred, Riccardo, Jan

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