The perception of wargaming as a professional part of military training and scenario analysis on one hand, and the board and tabletop wargaming hobby on the other hand, are dominated by US-American approaches and communities of players and designers. Despite being crammed in a relatively small part of the world, European wargaming spheres and communities seem to have stayed somewhat isolated on a national basis due to language barriers and other reasons and little is known about the state of the profession and hobby from country to country.

EuroWarGames aims for closing this gap and provide an overview of the history of the multiple dimensions of wargaming all over Europe. Therefore we have started a book project to bring together perspectives of professionals, scholars, designers, and players from all over Europe.

Wargaming News

Besides the book volume we want to publish, this blog shall be used as a place to collect and share news and insights into (war)gaming related projects, publications and events regarding the various dimensions of games and gaming. Please feel free to share those with us by sending us an email at eurowargames [at] gmail [dot] com!

EuroWarGames: Submission deadline extended! Become part of the project!

Dear readers! Over the last weeks and days we have received a number of very interesting and insightfull abstracts illuminating various aspects of the broad field we want to cover with EuroWarGames. We have had two very inspiring and fun chats with Dan Pancaldi on his No Enemies Here YouTube channel, talking (a little bit)…